Kawasaki Z750 LTD

Kawasaki Z750 LTD

Well, what can I say.. I imported this from Arizona a couple of years ago.. had it on the road last year but didn't use it that much really.. It does need fine tuning to run perfectly, ignition or carb settings?? as it sometimes kicks in & out of two or four cylinders.. when it's on song though... Wow! It pulls like a steam train on steroids, Exhilerating or what!

I've changed the bars to Z900's put a brand new Delkevik four into one exhaust that sounds fantastic ( especially if you remember that sound in the 80's. Loud Pipes Save Lives etc etc..

It's all legitimately registered on a UK 'W' reg plate, has very good tyres on and it cosmetically very original. I do have a few spares with it, coils etc & coil pick up.. sadly, it just isn't get used or looked at very often though, and is taking up space and I need to have a tidy out really.

I see it at £2750, MOT & Tax exempt, it will stick at that sort of value.. increase yes, decrease NO!

I feel that the shown mileage is accurate too, as there is no real wear in anything. Had oils & filters changed so ready for a 'tinker' up or restore.. Give me a ring on it please.."It's Good To Talk" and we can haggle on it...