Wheelhorse Tractor

Wheelhorse Tractor

This Wheelhorse, if I was honest, I'm not totally sure which model it is. But, when we deduce, I will supply the full set of correct decals for it..'Coz I Can'

It hasn't run for a few years, just parked up in a dry shed and now taking up much needed space.

It has a 12 hp Kohler, Grey painted which used to denote a recon. Kohler engine..it has HI & Lo ratio gears and is in a pretty straight tidy condition. No seat is with it though. I see it as a nice 'project' tractor for someone though. One front and one rear tyre has a slow puncture, but if you repaired them or just put in new tubes the tyres are perfectly useable, old but useable straight away.

Make me an offer around the £500 area and get spannering away! I could possibly deliver it if need, but come & have a look and we can discuss that.