The About Me Bit: 

Welcome to my site, I'm Titch Dave Sanders. 

I've worked with adhesive backed vinyl's in excess of 25 years, Therefore i am confident of their uses and limitations and indeed final applications. 

In other words, I'll only ever use my process using thermal heat and pressure for producing these decals (Transfers/Stickers) and under no circumstances whatsoever will i ever use the modern day solvent ink produced decals that 99.9% of companies nowadays do. 

We have to remember, that the majority are 'Sign Companies' using the offcuts and producing such things in the fastest and cheapest way that they possibly can. 

The ink process works in that the colour and wording etc. Sits on 'Top' of the vinyl material and is commonly 'Overlaid' with clear vinyl, this is to protect the inferior quality of the inks, 'that's all' it also fades in the sun, it isn't an anti UV protective film at all, Its simply a clear vinyl despite how they try to 'Sell it to you'. 

I am so different, I do restorations too and know the products and i want all decals produced to a close as is humanly possible in the form of feel and looks.

After all if its not original why bother?

As a person and as a company, its 'Old School' values here, from the banter on the phone, to how we handle the sale, no messing around we are all reading from the same hymn sheet, we both know the product these decals are intended for and we both know what we want and expect. Chat with me, those days are very sadly disappearing...


I enjoy my work, based on the Staffordshire/Shropshire border, My office set up, not at the postal address shown, works well, which helps me work well too!

Get in touch!, I'm always up for a challenge. 

The vast majority of my work is Agricultural and Horticultural decals but i have done plenty of other interesting work and i enjoy it all. 

I can and do ship my products literally worldwide,  I'll bet their isn't many places on this globe that I haven't shipped to, That's a fact!

I do try to add more of my products on a weekly basis, and there are thousands..if you don't see what you'd require..Please..Pick up the phone and ask me. If it's something I haven't yet done..send me a picture & a size.

Thank you!

Titch Sanders  


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