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The About Me Bit: 

Thanks for coming onto my site, I'm TITCH (AKA Dave) Sanders

I have been working with vinyl materials for almost 30 years now, so I'm confident of the use of  them, 

the limitations, expectations and indeed the final applications that they are suitable for. It's an adjective

called experience.. and I'm a firm believer in that experience does matter.

The process I use for all my decals & transfers is with heat and pressure to re-create the same quality of

the original process which included water slide & screen printing. It's 40 year old technology and is quite

precise to the effect of the finished product. If you're doing a restoration, then the finish is paramount.

The products last too, how many 40+ year old decals have you just removed, spent a lot of money & time on to get the paint back to it's former glory...? You can be assured, my decals will be as original.

As opposed to other 'companies', that continually use my products, to copy them and use the modern day solvent ink printing machinery... YUK!  Again, experience proves that ink printed decals are inferior due to the process it entails.. might look pretty.. but won't last, curl up and most importantly are simply no where near an original finish. These companies, 99.999% are 'Sign Companies' that are simply producing anything in the fastest & cheapest way possible to earn a quick 'buck'

They'll even try to 'sell' not necessarily tell you, that most of them are covered in Clear vinyl, saying that it is a UV protective film... it simply is not true.. it's just clear vinyl to prevent their ink being scratched and/or falling off due to it being stuck 'on top' of the material they print onto.. with ink!

I'm 'Old School' knowledgeable of my work, have done many many restorations myself over the years, know the whole process right through and take great pride in what I manufacture. After all, if it isn't as the original why even bother doing the work at all. We're both reading from the same hymn sheet and know what to expect. Please don't use 'messaging' etc when you need to discuss yours decals & transfers, let's just be 'Old Fashioned' and TALK!! You know, when that thing in your throat vibrates and makes noises.. rather unlike the modern day 'skill' of pressing buttons on your phone, which I personally despise.

BT had it right, with their phrase "It's Good To Talk" and so true &helpful it is too!

Basically then, I enjoy my work every single day, I'm not getting any younger nowadays, but my office set up, not as advertised, is in a pleasant surrounding on the Staffs/Shropshire border. I take pride in literally everything I produce. I enjoy shipping to ALL corners of the globe, have done for many years now.

The majority of my work is Agricultural & Horticultural machinery, however you would be amazed at the varied work I have & continue to do.. and believe me, I am always proud of what AND how I produce it all.

If you don't see what you're after on my online shop etc, please just pick up the phone, during business hours of say 8.00am to 5pm and let's have a chat about your proud machinery!

Preferably don't use 'social media' messaging, as I don't like it or associate much with it.

Thank You,

Titch Sanders


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