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An Original C120 Auto Wheelhorse Tractor

An Original C120 Auto Wheelhorse Tractor

This Wheelhorse has been my favourite for many years..but it's time to have a clear out now.

It runs, but does breath heavy, sometimes pushing the dipstick up. I'd dimagine new rings wouldn't go amiss..

The Sundstrat Autobox is very good & strong.. had oil & new filter replaced about two years ago too.

Non standard large rear tyres, non standard steering wheel & seat.

Has the PTO clutch on it & working

It's the Kohler 12hp engine that is a great mid sized engine.

This Wheelhorse is .. untidy & scruffy but awaiting some love & attention to make it a nice machine.

I will supply all the corect relevant decals for it to the buyer too.

Looking around £600 but will take a sensible offer. It would be best to ring me on this and have a chat, I may cosider delivering it if you can't collect, but you'll have to come & see it first and we can discuss that if need.

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